Salmon's tale

Educational capsules

To the ocean : An atlantic salmon’s life cycle movie in the river (French version only)

This film by Normand Bergeron and Francis Bérubé, produced by Les Films de lArgent de Poche in collaboration with Spirafilm, the Centre Interuniversitaire de recherche sur le saumon atlantique (CIRSA) and the Institut national de recherche scientifique (INRS) in 2003, remains one of the most beautiful videos on Atlantic salmon. It tells the fabulous story of the species life cycle, from the river to the ocean! We suggest that you watch it with your students as an introduction to the salmons life cycle, before discussing the spawning process and trying to determine when the eggs will hatch. 


A series of 8 educational videos about Atlantic salmon, incubator installation, the life cycle and the importance of having quality habitats for feeding and reproduction